14 April 2010

Tips on Pricing Windows

Reed Construction Data

Windows with wood and vinyl frames are priced preglazed. The usual configuration for these wood and vinyl windows is a double glaze as insulating glass. In addition there may be coatings for low e, tints, films or possibly triple glazing all to enhance the insulating value and to control the sun’s rays. The configuration is different whether you are in a Southern or Northern region.

Metal framed windows either steel or aluminum may be priced preglazed. These same metal frames maybe priced as a frame only and then you would have to add in the price of glass and glazing to have a finished material for installation, ensuring you have added in labor for both the window and glazing.

As to additional items such as locks, screens and grilles, all of these may come as a package with the window, but be aware that packages are basic add-ons with higher grade or security grades as an additional cost.

Other considerations when choosing glazing in addition to insulating value are:

Tempered glass:
Toughened glass is two or more times stronger than annealed glass. When broken, it shatters into many small fragments which prevent major injuries. This type of glass is intended for glass façades, sliding doors, building entrances, bath and shower enclosures and other uses requiring superior strength and safety properties.

Impact glass: The Miami-Dade Building Code requires that every exterior opening — residential or commercial — be provided with protection against wind-borne debris caused by hurricanes. There are two types of impact-resistant products: large-missile resistant and small-missile resistant.

Blast resistant:
Security-glazing include laminated glazing materials, and applied films. In order to specify the appropriate security glazing solution, it is necessary to make assumptions about the level of performance required to resist the anticipated threat.

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